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    What Is Fortress OS?

    Fortress OS is yet a cool new small operating system written from scratch.
    It's written in assembly c & c++ languages.
    Target hardware is Intel IA-32 compatible CPU. or let's say +386.

    Why Is Fortress OS?


    With Fortress OS you can have an example of how operating systems work. This can be useful to help students imagine how code can be written.


    You can use Fortress Os to explore World of operating systems. See how kernel interact with user applications.


    You can test all your code algorithms on the top of this platform. test your device drivers. Even you can experiment hardware


    Finally fancy GUI and cool ideas are accepted. Fortress OS has an open mind in GUI.


    Fortress OS has it' goals which can be outlined as following:


    The main goal of Fortress OS is security. All user processes are treated as pirates. So Fortress OS must stop them from accessing kernel's data and other processes and consuming system resources (time, memory, ...).


    Other important goal, Stability means fighting bugs. We want Fortress OS a bug-free operating system. This seems hard especially by extending features of Fortress OS.


    Can Fortress OS run on Intel architecture but with mode other than protected mode(32)?
    Why not? may be Fortress OS can run on long mode(64) or even 36-bit mode.


    Porting Fortress OS to other architectures other than Intel (ARM machines for example) may be a dream. but at least this idea isn't ignored.


    Performance isn't a restrictive goal but it's desired which means that Security and stability are more important goals.

    User satisfaction:

    Finally User must be happy when running Fortress OS.

    Contact ?

    You can contact me via my sourceforge mail or use my mail directly: ces [dot] mohab [at] gmail [dot] com


    Last updated: 02/26/07.

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